• Question: Are you subbed to Zoella

    Asked by 368furk52 to Chris, Joanne, Kathryn, Kieran, Sarah on 3 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Joanne Duffy

      Joanne Duffy answered on 3 Nov 2017:

      I am not, and I had to google that!

    • Photo: Chris Werner

      Chris Werner answered on 4 Nov 2017:

      No, I am not!

    • Photo: Sarah Guerin

      Sarah Guerin answered on 5 Nov 2017:

      I am not! My favourite fashion and travel blog is by an Irish college student, Orange Obviously.

    • Photo: Kathryn Schoenrock

      Kathryn Schoenrock answered on 6 Nov 2017:


    • Photo: Kieran Fraser

      Kieran Fraser answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      I’m not – but maybe I should be, my fashion sense is disastrous! I do enjoy video blogs like these though – I’m subbed to Rob Lipsett (Dublin) and Christian Guzman (US). They’re fitness/health/lifestyle bloggers, but they also throw in a few fashion tips.. really should put them into practice! đŸ˜€