• Question: Do you enjoy the area of science you work in?

    Asked by Abbie B (CB) to Chris, Sarah, Kathryn, Kieran, Joanne on 17 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by rothweiller, 964furk43.
    • Photo: Sarah Guerin

      Sarah Guerin answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      I love it- I think using physics to describe the human body, and using those properties to make really cool technology is important and exciting research. I like that I get to do both coding and experiments in the lab, and I that I get to travel lots to report my findings.

    • Photo: Chris Werner

      Chris Werner answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      Definitely, and not just climate science, geoscience in general, understanding our planet and how we interact with it is fascinating. Climate science with finding how humans can stop the climate changing, and geology finding out how the Earth works. Our planet is weird, complicated and fascinating!