• Question: Why do we dream?

    Asked by 387furk22 to Chris, Joanne, Kathryn, Kieran, Sarah on 13 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by 238furk43, 895furk43, 893furk27.
    • Photo: Sarah Guerin

      Sarah Guerin answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      There is still a lot of research being done on why we dream, but scientists believe right now that we dream to store long term memories.

    • Photo: Joanne Duffy

      Joanne Duffy answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      When we dream, our brain filters a fluid across something called the blood brain barrier, and “dirty” stuff is removed from our brain. It’s literally like emptying the trash, and this helps us store memories.

    • Photo: Chris Werner

      Chris Werner answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      Its still a bit of a mystery, but our brain is still active even while we sleep. Some researchers say dreams have no purpose or meaning and are nonsensical activities of the sleeping brain. Others say dreams are necessary for mental, emotional, and physical health. There was a study done on those who were woken up before dreaming state, and they were more stressed and suffered depression, so dreaming is very important!